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Comprehensive Commercial Roof Inspections in Delaware

We provide detailed inspections for commercial roofing systems throughout Delaware. Our team of experienced professionals thoroughly evaluates the condition of your roof and identifies any potential issues. Our inspection services provide you with the necessary information to make decisions about your commercial roofing needs.

  • Detailed Inspection Reports
  • Utilizing Advanced Roofing Technology

Key Roof Inspection Services We Offer

Emergency Inspections

We conduct emergency inspections when moisture is detected inside the building. Our roof inspectors locate the source of the water penetration and determine its path.

Post-Storm Inspections

After severe weather events like hail or high winds, we thoroughly inspect roofs to assess any damage and clear any debris.

Routine Maintenance Inspections

Regular inspections, performed at least yearly, allow us to clear debris, examine rooftop equipment, and identify concerns early on.

Pre-Purchase/Pre-Sale Inspections

For prospective buyers or sellers, our comprehensive roof assessments provide valuable insight into the condition of the entire structure.


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Common Issues Identified During Commercial Roof Inspections

Commercial roofs commonly suffer from ponding water on flat/low-slope areas, leading to potential leaks and structural problems. Leaks themselves can arise from cracks, holes, and improper sealing around penetrations, allowing damaging water infiltration.

Extreme temperatures and UV radiation can cause shrinkage and separating seams that permit leaks. Punctures from equipment, foot traffic, and debris also provide additional entry points for water. Addressing these issues is crucial to avoid escalating repair costs and property damage.

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Our team has earned the trust of homeowners and business owners through our unwavering commitment to quality, safety, and customer satisfaction. What truly sets us apart is our dedication to providing a seamless and stress-free experience for our clients from start to finish.

When you choose Economy Roofing & Restoration, you can trust that your home is in the hands of a team who's committed to delivering exceptional service and protecting your most valuable investment.

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